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Piston & Cylinder Sets

Our most popular piston & cylinder set is the 86 mm bore with 9.25 c.r. These are designed for the C/SC/912 cylinder head, which has a 30° combustion chamber angle. We also have a 83 mm bore X 9.5 c.r. which is made for the 356 A & B heads with a 22° chamber angle.

The pistons and cylinder sets sell for $1495.00 per set, either size. If you have cylinders, however, you may purchase the pistons, rings, etc, for $950.00, and have your cylinders bored to size, thus saving at least $200.00 to $250.00. A four page instruction manual comes with each set. Rings generally break in within 300 to 500 miles. Many customers report never adding oil between changes - 3,000 miles per quart is common! This is unheard of with stock pistons and cylinders. Our products are quiet, powerful, light weight and, best of all, reliable. I believe they are the finest pistons and cylinders on the market today!

  • For pre-"A", 2 piece case engines, 80 mm X 8.5 c.r. piston and cylinder set.

  • Race pistons: 83.5 or 86 mm X 11.5 or 10.5 c.r. pistons & cylinder set.

  • "Big Big Bore" - 90 mm X 10.50 c.r. piston & cylinder set.

  • Custom sizes in both piston bore and cylinders can be made available.

  • To order, please use phone or fax only. Do not email through this website as it is for information only.

  • We take VISA and Mastercard only, for prices and availability please contact us.

Phone: (775) 8NeuTek
e-mail: info@neutekcams.com