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SCAT Crankshafts

These are the strongest crankshafts ever made for the 365/912 Porsche engines. Made from a British aerospace steel similar to the 4340 steel made in the United States, this material will not crack or break ever at 9,000 rpm! This steel is used by COSWORTH for its Formula 1 engines which turn to 18,000 rpm every shift!

SCAT used to have a standard weight crankshaft which was about the weight of a 912 crank, and an ultra-light, which knife edged the journals and saved about 2 lbs. Since 2007, they dropped the standard weight, and now only offer the ultra-light.

The SCAT flywheel nut is indestructible! Made from 4340 steel and heat treated, it will not break as the factory nut can.

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